Data shows 153% increase in conversions in 2024 case study using AI chatbot.

Stop Chasing Leads & Start Closing More Deals With The Best Conversational AI Chatbots Online by Way of Our AI Agency

The Best AI Chatbot Online to Convert Leads Into Sales Via The Best AI Agency.

Grok Cor offers the best conversational AI chatbot services for businesses to start, converse, and book more appointments on autopilot through SMS Texting, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and much more!

Click Here To Watch A Quick Demo!

Click Here To Watch A Quick Demo!

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Using Our AI Agency, You Can:

Put Your Business on Autopilot Flexing the Power of AI, Using

SMS Texting, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and much more!

Double Your

AI reaches your prospects faster, 24/7/365! Never miss an opportunity again! Harness the power of the AI-driven CorChat chatbot to consolidate your communications effortlessly. Speed to dialog wins sells! AI accelerates your response times and supercharge your sales pipeline for unmatched growth. Embrace the future of seamless interaction today and watch your business thrive.

Instantly Fill
Your Calendar

Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities! Our powerful CorChat conversational AI chatbot schedules appointments for you automatically so that you can close more deals!

Drive More

Phone Calls

Our CorChat AI chatbot automatically route calls and convert inbound leads to sales calls by connecting you directly with leads who want to talk right now!

Build Smart Nurture Campaigns

Get up to an 80% response rate from your leads and customers via our CorChat AI chatbot

with Grok Cor SMART automation campaigns that interact across multiple channels!

Gain Key Insights Into Performance

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales!

Industry Leading Features

AI Appointment Booking

Use the CorChat to book appointments for you so that you can focus on what matters the most: closing deals.

Automated Follow Up

Automatically message leads across multiple channels including SMS testing, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger, and Web based Chat to increase response rates to up to 80%!

Communication Center

All of your communications in one place! Email, SMS, Phone, Voicemail, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat and so on!

Team Management

Work as members to see the system how they see it, track progress, set up campaigns, and more.

Lead Round Robin

Automatically distribute leads between team members and track the progress on each lead.

Mobile App

Close prospects on-the-go with our mobile app, respond to leads, track status, complete reminders, and more.

Live Call Transfer

Automatically get inbound calls every time a lead is ready to talk and when they schedule on your calendar.


Remind yourself to call leads send documents, or any other sales-related tasks in your leads' lifecycle.

Advanced Reporting

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales.

Seamless Integration With 2000+ Tools

Integrate Grok Cor With Tools You Already Love With Custom Integration And Zapier

Join 3,200+ Happy

GrokCor Customers!

I love how GrokCor connects all communication together. It has made it super easy for my team to keep up with new prospects and close more deals!

Christian Kuzdub

Kuzdub Consulting

The online engagement with my leads has never been as active or productive as it is today because of GrokCor. This is a whole new client acquisition method for my business!

Will G.

Princess Maid Services

I have used different marketing automation platforms and this is now the best one I can recommend for beginners and SME.

Janiece Nicolette

Komo Consulting


Businesses of All Sizes

Included with all plans:

  • CorChat Conversational Chatbot(s)

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • 2-Way Text & Email Conversation

  • GMB Messaging

  • Web Chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Facebook Messenger

  • GMB Call Tracking

  • Missed-Call-Text-Back

  • Text-to-Pay

  • Calendar

  • CRM

  • Opportunities

  • Email Marketing

  • Funnels

  • Memberships

  • Websites

  • Workflows

  • Forms

  • Surveys

  • Trigger Links

  • SMS & Email Templates

  • All Reporting

  • Triggers

  • Social Planner

  • Invoice

  • Campaigns

  • Proposals & Estimates

  • 1 Local Number

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Unlimited Chats

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Triggers

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • 7+ Automation Templates

  • 3,000 Emails

  • 2,000 Texts

  • 2,000 Voice Minutes

Small Business

Annual Revenue below $3M


Annual Revenue exceeds $3M

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

You receive unlimited 24/7/365 support via 1) Live Chat, 2) Email & 3) Zoom Meetings. You are covered at all times!

Our highly-trained support team, at CorCentral, operates in time zones all across the globe, and offers support in both English and Spanish.

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy to get started. If you're a small business (e.g., $3M annual sales), simply purchase on this website and get started. We hope you'll join us once you see how we can boost your business.

How Secure Is My Customer Data?

In 2021, data privacy and security is every company's obligation. That's why we ensure compliance with all governing laws and regulations, as well as provide extra protection against security breaches.

How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

Yes, there are no obligations or contracts, allowing for easy cancellation. No need to worry about obligations or contracts.

What Platforms Do You Integrate With?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. We use Zapier (a third-party integrator) to automate between all your apps with ease.

Who is GrokCor?

GrokCor is an AI agency providing powerful conversational AI chatbot services for businesses to automate interactions across multiple channels.

How can GrokCor benefit my business?

We automate appointment booking, lead follow-up, and customer service, improving efficiency and increased sales opportunities.

Which communication channels does GrokCor support?

We support webpage chat, SMS texting, email, social media DMs, and more.

Can I integrate GrokCor with my existing business tools?

Most likely, yes. We offer seamless integration with over 2000 tools through custom integrations and Zapier (third-party integrator).

Is my customer data secure with GrokCor?

Yes, they prioritize data security and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

What plans does GrokCor offer?

We at GrokCor offer plans for businesses of all sizes, with features tailored to meet diverse needs. More specifically, we serve two group types: 1) Small business (e.g., >$3M annual sales), and enterprise-level companies with more than $3M in annual sales.

How much AI experience does GrokCor have?

GrokCor's owner has ~5-years professional artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) experience with extensive knowledge in trading algorithms by way of ownership of a two quant funds.

What are the benefits of integrating a chatbot on my website and social media?

Integrating a chatbot can significantly enhance customer service by providing instant responses 24/7/365, improving user satisfaction, and assisting in lead generation and qualification. Think of it this way: what if you hired a top-tier salesperson to sit on your website and social media outlets 24/7. How much would you expect sales to increase? That’s what you receive for a fraction of the cost.

How can the CorChat improve my business's lead generation?

Businesses utilizing chatbots, like CorChat, have observed up to a 67% increase in lead generation, as chatbots efficiently engage and qualify leads even outside of regular business hours.

Can the CorChat chatbot handle multiple customer interactions at once?

Yes, our chatbot is capable of handling multiple interactions simultaneously, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered, which contributes to a better customer experience and higher satisfaction levels.

How does the CorChat enhance customer experience on my website?

The CorChat Chatbot provides personalized interactions, guiding users through your website, offering product recommendations, and answering queries in real-time, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Will the CorChat chatbot on my social media platforms increase customer engagement?

Yes, by offering instant support and engaging in interactive conversations, our chatbot can significantly increase customer engagement on social media platforms.

Can integrating the CorChat chatbot reduce my customer service costs?

Chatbots can handle a large volume of queries without human intervention, reducing the need for a large customer service team and significantly cutting down operational costs.

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