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Benefit by our AI chatbot - CorChat:

    AI chatbot increases sales conversions

    AI chatbot handles Customer Service

A must demo! It'll blow your socks off! It's simple and fun. Our AI chatbot literally pretends to be an agent of YOUR business. It will prequalify you and try to book an appointment. You just act like any of your prospects, and ask ask the AI chatbot any questions that you want about YOUR COMPANY. This is truly a surreal experience!

Just type 'demo' to our AI chatbot, GrokGirl.


How does your AI chatbot make my business money?

CorChat AI skyrockets your sales conversions while automating your customer service inquiries on autopilot. Wielding the power of ChatGPT's generative AI, CorChat engages with your leads in instant, meaningful conversation across all your communication channels to turn interest into action.

How exactly does GrokCor benefit my business?

We automate appointment booking, lead follow-up, and customer service, improving efficiency and increased sales opportunities.

Can I integrate GrokCor with my existing business tools?

Most likely, yes. We offer seamless integration with over 2000 tools through custom integrations and Zapier (third-party integrator).

How much AI experience does GrokCor have?

GrokCor's owner has ~5-years professional artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) experience with extensive knowledge in trading algorithms by way of ownership of a two quant funds.

Let's get AI working for you.